Test Automation: A Relative Part Of Continuous Testing Or Not?


The developers and layman have associated automation with technology. It is, in fact, true, automation is a way to up the pace of the process. The technology used in test data management is a part of automation technology.

Continuous delivery and DevOps have an immediate association with automation and its use of technology. However, the test environment does not work only on one automation. There are two sides of the technology, i.e test automation, and automation testing.

Knowing from the scratch: Test Automation and Automated testing

To any layman's eyes, both these term are quite similar to each other and no distinction can be caught by just looking at their names. Yet, somehow they are very different from each other in terms of processing and delivering the results.

While on one hand automation testing regulates specific tests through technology, it is test automation on the other hand that manages tracks and those different those specific tests.

How continuous testing is affected by test automation?

First, let's clear our terms with continuous testing. Being a part of software testing, it brings along the process of ensuring the quality of the software.

Unlike the traditional approach, with DevOps being into the picture, the software needs assessment long before their completion. Small pieces of the software are tested at important intervals.

If it had been just a way to quality assurance, then there was nothing wrong with manual testing. But here we are also bound to follow the rules of time. The deployment and continuous testing both work to balance each other.

There is a lot of pressure with the software assurance testing. So, test automation is not only about managing all the testing needs but also looks after helping the team to maintain the software standards of the client.

The reality of Test Automation

Theories sound great in every book, until and unless they have been put to reality. It was early enough that DevOps and continuous delivery became a vital part of software testing. Likewise, continuous testing will surge up.

The test environment management going to get on a whole new pace with continuous delivery and with test automation in the picture, the efforts of team and resources would be worth it.